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Collision Masters
Is your fast, affordable source for auto paint and auto body shop repair. Accidents happen. When they happen to your car, we'll be there to help.

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Collision Masters is an auto body shop in Grapevine and the area that does auto body repair on any vehicle: cars, trucks, SUVs and more. Our auto body shops in the area (Grapevine, , and areas) specialize in automobile repair. We will repair your car using parts and materials recommended by the manufacturer of your vehicle. Collision Masters takes pride in repairing a vehicle damaged in a car wreck and making sure it looks and runs as good as new.

Latest News

Houston severe weather: FEMA offers assistance to repair or replace vehicles damaged in April 6 - June 5 storms
Posted on Wednesday July 17, 2024

FEMA is providing financial help for expenses not paid by insurance or other sources, but there are a couple of conditions.

Hail damaged your car and house: What to expect from insurance
Posted on Tuesday July 16, 2024

After hail of all shapes and sizes accompanied ravaging storms that blew through the Rochester region Monday, causing significant damage to homes and vehicles, you may be wondering what your ...

Hail damaged your car and house: What to expect from insurance
Posted on Tuesday July 16, 2024

Whether your homeowners and car insurance will cover hail-related damage depends on a multitude of factors, insurance companies say.

Hurricane Beryl winds damage some crops, others benefit from rain
Posted on Tuesday July 16, 2024

When Hurricane Beryl barreled into Texas, extreme winds caused more damage to crops than the flooding often associated with a hurricane.

How Much Does Hail Damage Roof Repair Cost? (2024)
Posted on Thursday July 11, 2024

Hail damage roof repair costs typically range from $200 to $32,500, but most homeowners will pay around $4,250 on average. Most hail is too small to cause significant damage to a properly ...


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